Testimonials from Larosaworks clients about their Sicilian tour experience.

Testimonials Written By Larosaworks Clients

I am filled with gratitude by the warm responses of people who have returned from their La RosaWorks tour. It is such a pleasure to hear the comments of surprise and wonder about Sicily and they inspire me. To enrich someone's life and create wonderful, lasting memories is always my goal. Thank you for giving me that opportunity.

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“I haven‘t landed in Sicily yet, but due to all of your help, information, and recommendations, I feel like I am returning for a second visit. You are indeed amazing and all of your assistance is greatly appreciated!”
- Dan P.

“Your website is terrific. I just read your article on Sicilian wines. It’s a very thorough and well-written article. I’ve read a lot about Sicilian winemaking and can safely say that no one has written about it better than you have.”
- Todd L.

“You have been of wonderful help and a great resource. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.”
- Zach S.

“The trip was wonderful, so thoroughly delightful.”
- Marion S.

“Your planning was outstanding! Not sure what other cities would have been better than what we saw. So glad you recommended the itinerary you did. Can't thank you enough for all that you did to make this trip so wonderful. We were truly blessed to find someone like you that knows the country so well and is excited to show others.”
- Mary and Sam T.

“The hotel is lovely, staff is very helpful and friendly, and we love this location. Only to be topped by the rooftop dinner. The view was absolutely stunning! We are so thankful to you for this great trip! We are eager to return.”
- Bev L.

“We had an amazing time! Great vacation. Thank you.”
- Noreen H.

“Sicily was perfect. I love it so much – thanks again for everything, Karen!”
- Rachel S.

“Karen is one of the best organized and most thorough people I know. I haven‘t traveled with her, but she has helped me with a major project in Sicily that would have been difficult if not for her suggestions and references. I am most grateful.”
- John K.

“All in all we loved our trip! We cant wait to go back.  Will be back in touch soon. Thank you!”
- Bev L.

“You are so sensitive to the place and you really transmit your passion. The girls learned how to swim in the pool at our villa and at the beach. Overall it was a huge success!”
- Bruno T.

“I spent a beautiful two weeks in Cefalu. I thought about you often, and my honeymoon last year, and just wanted to write & thank you again for everything.”
- Mary G.

“Hi Karen. I’m on a musical tour in Greece. Can't help but think every day of our musical tour in Sicily. What a great job you did there!”
- Nick S.

“I wanted to write to thank you again for the work you did guiding us through our time in Sicily. As I return to my studio and begin working (and slogging through all the photos I took), it occurs to me how thoughtful the choices you made were, in regards to the places and things you showed us. It made for a trip that provided inspiration and education about a place and its people, which is exactly what a traveling artist hopes for.”
- Steve W.

“Thanks, Karen, for continuing to help educate us. I doubt there is a travel agent anywhere who supports her clients as you do.”
- Paula V.

“Thank you Karen for everything!! You opened our eyes and so many doors for us. We are all so appreciative and grateful.”
- Marianne B.

“Thanks to your great advice, we had a terrific trip.”
- Ranger C.

“Thank you. My Sicily experience was awesome!”
- Jane I.

“We really appreciate the meticulous work you have done organizing our trip to Sicily.”
- Samuel F.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the Villa Uliveto which is very tasteful and very good space for the children to run about in the garden. Sicily has not disappointed us at all. Very nice towns and seaside and beautiful mountains. Etna is our favourite! Thanks so much for all your kind help. Also thanks again for Dario’s great hospitality!”
- Suyan J.

“My wife and I spent a week on Etna this summer with Karen‘s help who made all the arrangements including private wine tours of several vineyards where we met the owners and enjoyed great wine and great food!”
- Michael G.

“In your writing your enormous passion, knowledge of history of everything Sicilian is constantly expressed and very much felt. I always look forward to reading your articles, this morning my day started with reading the article on Vincezo Spampinato and listening to his music, it touched me and definitely made my day. Thank you for such brilliant articles.”
- Carmelina R.

“I love your Sicily posts on FaceBook! One can tell there is thought and pure passion behind them all - you are an inspiration to me and from what I see, others, too!!”
- Paulo F.

“This is a great way to see the beautiful island of Sicily. Karen La Rosa is the best tour guide and vacation planner ever.”
- Richard W.

“For Sicily Lovers - a wonderful source for travel, food, wine, music & literature.”
- Michela M.

“Sometimes you will travel with a guide who can give you a good historical perspective of the place you are visiting. Other times, you will have a guide who knows the place from a cultural perspective. If you are lucky, you will have someone whose excitement and passion for a place transcends the facts and figures, to truly capture your imagination. And once in a blue moon, you may meet someone who combines all of these characteristics into one very special tour guide. Karen La Rosa is one of those people. Not only does she have an in-depth knowledge of Sicily, but her love of the land, the people, the food, the wine, and the overall ambiance is contagious. You feel as if you have just been invited into someone’s home and you’ve become part of the family. Most of all, you can’t wait to go back. Traveling with Karen La Rosa is truly an unique experience, and I am looking forward to doing it again!”
- Steph C.

“Our holiday was brilliant, but it was the people with whom we shared it who really "clinched-the-deal" and our wonderful Karen, the best group heaven could possibly put together. We were privileged to be part of this. Thank you for being YOU.”
- Catherine B.

“Our wish to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary began as a note on the to do list, "trip to Sicily" but in Karen’s competent & creative hands, it became a journey of discoveries & beautiful moments shared with friends. Not just the places, though all very special, but the pace & company was also just right. The stories of folks there that have called Sicily their home & their willingness to share them with us was also a testament to Karen and LaRosaworks. We highly recommend LaRosaworks for making a trip into a one of a kind journey!!”
- Preeti S.

“It was indeed our good fortune to have been put in contact with you for our guided trip to Sicily. The whole structure of the tour suited us so very well. The pace was perfect. The places we visited left us awe-struck. We simply loved the food we were presented with. We didn’t realise just how beautiful the country is. You said in one of your emails before we went, that you wanted us to experience the "essence" of Sicily. This, you certainly did.”
- Brian B.

“In your writing your enormous passion, knowledge of history of everything Sicilian is constantly expressed and very much felt. I always look forward to reading your articles, this morning my day started with reading the article on Vincezo Spampinato and listening to his music, it touched me and definitely made my day. Thank you for such brilliant articles.”
- Carmelina R.

“I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoy your La Rosaworks Facebook page. What a beautiful and so interesting tribute to Sicily.”
- Joyce R.

“Thank you for making our trip so memorable, inspiring, engaging and still relaxing. It’s hard to get all of that in one place, but you planned our days with just the right balance of activities. The tour guides were excellent plus your own experience and knowledge of the area gave us a real inside look into the culture. We really benefitted from the care you show to the local people who were all so generous and warm to us. The whole experience was a real privilege.”
- Sarita S.

“…you make one want to marry Sicilia!”
- Joe Z.

“Thank you so much for your generosity and wonderful advice. We had a sweet, serene, and beautiful honeymoon — fell in love with Sicily and with each other all over again.”
- Mary M.

“You are amazing… I love all that you do… I so admire your ‘joie de vivre.’”
- Alexa V.

“Thank you for one of the finest European experiences we have ever had.”
- Steve W.

“I know how extraordinary you are in everything you do.”
- Gioia T.

“It’s been delightful working with you. Your passion for the area permeates all the information you’ve provided and added to our excitement seeing Sicily.”
- Gladys G.

“What else can I say except thank you for helping us make the right choices.”
- Ely W.

“Have so much to share with you, tell you and thank you for! Your tips were absolutely the highlights of our trip. In a nutshell: we had the best time!”
- Elaine K.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for my family in planning our last-minute trip. I know we did not make it easy but you still created an unforgettable experience and we will be always grateful.”
- Dennis L.

“Thank you for all of your attention. Sicily, and especially her people, was beautiful!”
- Maud M.

“I can see why you love Sicily. Sicily is perfectly amazing. We are seriously in love.”
- Jim K.

“I will never forget that day. I was exhausted yet determined to enjoy every minute. You made my wonderful experience start the minute I got off the plane.”
- Melody A.

“It was such a memorable time. I feel changed and encouraged by the beauty of the place and the people. Karen is one of the most thoughtful, gracious people I know — and her tours reflect her impeccable taste in food, wine, and culture.”
- Dana L.

“For me, the week in Sicily was magical on so many levels”
- Maria M.

“Thank you for creating a truly memorable week for us all!”
- Andrea B.

“We received the itinerary package and we are overwhelmed with the level of detail and insights provided. Thank you!”
- Tim F.

“The trip was truly magnificent and every touch was perfect. My father and the entire family enjoyed it immensely.”
- Mike I.

“I am so grateful to Karen for making this trip so memorable. It was a fantastic experience, thanks to her and the arrangements she made. Every day was a new adventure and something worth seeing. Without her expertise, this trip wouldn’t have been so special. Karen was flexible and handled everything, always with style, patience and calm. Everyone with whom I spoke had the same words of praise for Karen.”
- Judy R.

“You did a great job and I would highly recommend your services!”
- Mike V.

“Karen created such a wonderful set of experiences for us.”
- Sandy D.

“Karen is the best trip organizer I have ever known!”
- Janet W.

“I want to thank you for the truly incredible job you did. Just amazing!”
- Ann Y.

“Thanks for all your planning and organization. I love Sicily!!”
- Mary S.

“Awesome work. You are to be commended. This is going to be great.”
- Nick S.

“Our trip was wonderful from beginning to end — aided greatly by your patient advice and professional assistance.”
- Janet S.

“Your recommendations have been splendid. We have really loved being here and I'd come back in a heartbeat. Thanks for all your excellent help.”
- Abby R.

“My sister loved the trip you created for her. I have never heard her rave so much after a trip!”
- Patricia U.

“Many thanks for your guided tour of Catania… it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!”
- Don P.

“You are an amazing planner and organizer and gave us so many adventures and tastes of the multi-layered, multi-sensory Sicily. It made the trip so special and it was a peak experience for me. Sicily is a jewel-- a fertile land, fascinating cultural history, and the people are so colorful and warm. Karen led a seamless tour.”
- Rita L.

“Behind all the talent, you are very genuine, and it really shines thru all you do.”
- Palma C.

“Thank you for an absolutely amazing experience in Sicily.”
- Helen S.

“Thank you for your sensitive leadership, vision, and love of Sicily.”
- Marianne B.

“I am thankful for our time on that beautiful island and for Karen and Rita… perfection.”
- Ann K.

“I have a dream that I can return to Sicily and with your help just stay there for a long while finding my center, looking and eating beauty, and spending all day giving gratitude. Thanks for your kind and exquisite attention to planning this trip. You are terrific.”
- Linda L.

“We are back home after a lovely week in Sicily. We had an amazing time and surely are going back to visit again. Thank you!”
- Rachele B.

“Thank you for all the useful information! I am enjoying reading it.”
- Diane P.

“You are many things, Karen, and thorough and responsive are high on the list. Everyone I have been in touch with says to be sure to say hi to you - your reputations appears to be sterling and I have the feeling you are held in highest regard and with great affection. And with good reason.”
- Elaine K.

“I loved the rustic, country feel of this place with olive trees everywhere. The whole place is lovely. The owner was super attentive, and I felt very well taken care of. I would definitely recommend this villa, in a great location, for a real authentic stay in Sicily.”
- Palma C.

“We had a really wonderful time at the villa. It is a lovely property and Dario could not have been more gracious and accomodating. Dario had taken care of keeping us supplied with fruits, cheeses, salumeria and coffee. He brought us the freshly made ricotta which was out of this world! We loved our rooms. Overall it was really delightful. We would happily return and recommend it to our friends. Buona fortuna with this lovely villa! Grazie,”
- Mary W.

“Perhaps the most intelligent and discriminating tour guide/travel person you will ever encounter. Her love of Sicily is reflected in her superb essays and photographs about her experiences there, as well as her command of the language. (In addition to Italian). You need to know that I encountered Karen as a fellow mother who chose to stay home to raise her children. Her re-invention has been powered by her intellect, the support of her husband, and her father’s Sicilian ancestry. An extraordinary encounter awaits…

When our family sought out a restaurant in Trapani she had recommended, the entire neighborhood (well, so it seemed) turned out to explain to us (in gentle Italian) that the owner was on vacation. Nothing like this had ever happened to us before. Even our children were trying to speak,. encouraged with smiles and gestures, to explain that we were “her” friends.Everyone knew Karen, and we were therefore engulfed by a unique experience in itself… the affection of a neighborhood for someone visiting the restaurant “their Karen” had recommended.”
- Paula K.

“Karen, you rock & deserve the accolades. We know good things don’t all just fall into place, all of the time, without a little sweat behind the scenes.”
- Preeti S.

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